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Shooters, Fishers & Farmers Party Tasmania (SFF Tasmania) was started with an aim to protect the freedoms, rights and culture of all Tasmanians, both now and for generations to come. There is a growing discontent from amongst everyday Tasmanians, particularly rural and regional Tasmanians, that the major parties have largely ignored their needs, only calling on them during election campaigns when they need their support and votes, but promptly forgetting their promises the minute the polling booths close.

We believe Tasmanians deserve better. They deserve politicians that remember their role is primarily to serve the public and to be a voice for their constituents. For that reason, we have built our policy platform based on communication we have had with real people all across Tasmania. We feel these policies not only reflect the needs of real Tasmanians; we also believe that they are based on common sense and are realistic aims that governments should be seeking. Each of our policies are grounded in the three pillars of freedom, rights and culture.

Property Rights and Freedoms: We defend the property rights of landowners and support policies that safeguard the freedoms of rural and regional communities, ensuring their ability to prosper and thrive. We support and advocate for freedom of expression.


Evidence-Based Policy: We advocate for evidence-based decision-making grounded in scientific research and expert knowledge, seeking practical solutions that balance environmental conservation with the needs of rural livelihoods.


Community Engagement and Consultation: We prioritize meaningful consultation with local communities and stakeholders, valuing their input and perspectives in shaping policies that affect their lives and livelihoods.


Advocacy for Rural Issues: We champion the interests of rural and regional Tasmanians, advocating for policies that address their unique challenges and opportunities, including access to essential services, infrastructure, and economic development initiatives.


Transparency and Accountability: We believe in transparent governance and accountability in political processes, striving for openness and honesty in our actions and decisions as representatives of the people of Tasmania.


Collaboration and Cooperation: We are committed to working collaboratively with other political parties, stakeholders, and communities to achieve common goals and address shared challenges facing Tasmania's rural and regional areas.


Future Generations: We strive to ensure that the decisions we make today contribute to the long-term well-being and prosperity of future generations of Tasmanians, preserving the unique natural and cultural heritage of our state for years to come.


SFF Tas aim is to stimulate businesses by promoting all outdoor recreational activities in a responsible manner.

SFF Tas will push for improved rural tourism infrastructure, roads etc to promote access to our wild places to encourage tourism to the rural communities.

SFF Tas will vigorously protect your right to enjoy the outdoor way of life, now and for future generations.

 SFF Tas vows to protect the environment through education and strong properly enforced biosecurity measures for all aquaculture and agriculture industries, big or small.

SFFP Tas is steadfast in its resolve to ensure that rural communities have access to tailored and properly resourced community, emergency and local health services specific to their needs.

SFFP Tas is committed to properly resourced Wildlife and Marine enforcement and Management agencies to ensure our flora, fauna and aquatic environments are managed in a sustainable manner based on science, not emotion.

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