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SFF MEDIA STATEMENT: Glenorchy City swimming pool

Lorraine Bennett - Clark Candidate

Feb 24, 2024

Keep our pool open - Keep our children safe

Lorraine Bennett, representing the SFF in Clark, applauds the recent announcement by the two major political parties regarding a $5 million allocation for the reopening of the Glenorchy City swimming pool. However, she notes the irony that such agreement only materialised in the context of an impending election, a consensus that could have been readily achieved in the preceding calendar year.

She finds it disheartening that both Labor and the Liberals condition their commitment on achieving a majority government, viewing this stance as dismissive of community needs. Bennett asserts that the offered $5 million should be provided unconditionally, as anything less undermines the community's expectations.

For six decades, the Glenorchy War Memorial Pool has been a cherished asset, serving as a vital hub for exercise, recovery, and recreational activities for residents and vistors. Its significance in promoting social well-being and physical health cannot be overstated. With drowning over the summer break it shows a continued need for children and adults to be taught to swim.

In addition to endorsing the election promise to support the revitalization of this iconic facility, Bennett advocates for further investment in exploring the potential of utilizing energy recovery from municipal solid waste combustion at the Glenorchy tip. Such an initiative could extend the pool's operational season. Nevertheless, she urges caution, noting that the projected total expenses, estimated by the council to be as high as $40 million, raise concerns. Bennett also questions the fate of accumulated depreciation funds, emphasizing the need for transparent accountability in managing public resources.

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